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2018 Washington conference submission

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IIIF and Repositories: Managing Image Content and Integration Workflows

Terry Brady - Georgetown University (United States), Scott Renton - The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), John Howard - University College Dublin (Ireland), Claire Knowles - The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Abstract: The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Presentation API creates an opportunity to present repository content in innovative ways. It is possible to present multiple digital objects to a user in context by creating a IIIF manifest. The process of generating and presenting the components of a IIIF manifest raises interesting questions about the role of repository.

The presenters will share their experiences exploring and implementing IIIF at the University of Edinburgh, Georgetown University Library and University College Dublin. The presenters will share how the implementation process altered their perspectives of the role of the repository with IIIF content. Some interesting common themes emerged for both institutions in their exploration of IIIF.
What if the digital assets comprised in a manifest differ from the digital objects that have been stored in the repository? Where should these assets be stored? What role should the repository play in the management of these assets?

How should a IIIF manifest be managed by a repository? Does the manifest itself alter the notion of a repository collection or a repository item? What are the proper identifiers to use for components of a IIIF manifest? Can we push the manifest past readable availability within the repository, to use for transcription and beyond?

Presentation type: 20 minute presentations (plus 5 mins questions)


  • IIIF and archival collections,
  • IIIF synergies with regional and national ongoing digital libraries, museums and archives initiatives,
  • IIIF enabled collaboration,
  • Discovery of IIIF resources,
  • IIIF content communities (museums, manuscripts, newspapers, archival content, etc.)


  • repositories,
  • manifests,
  • presentation api,
  • transcription,
  • implementation,
  • iiif servers