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2018 Washington conference submission

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IIIF Integration Between (and Within) Applications

Esmé Cowles - Princeton University (United States), Shaun Ellis - Princeton University (United States)

Abstract: Princeton has designed our repository ecosystem around IIIF, with our Samvera/Valkyrie repository (Figgy) at the center providing IIIF manifests that drive viewers embedded in other applications, such as our library catalog (Orangelight). We use persistent identifiers (ARKs) to enable discovery of available digital content, to allow unambiguous linking between the repository and the catalog. In addition to being used for embedding digital content, our IIIF manifests are also indexed by our exhibit system (Pomegranate). The manifest includes thumbnails and display metadata, and a seeAlso link to JSON-LD for fine-grained metadata.

Beyond using IIIF for integrating between different applications, we are also using IIIF within our applications. We recently developed a new file manager for Figgy using Vue.js. Since the main purpose of the file manager is setting IIIF properties, such as the order of pages, viewing hints and direction, using the IIIF manifest was a natural fit. This allowed us to remove a redundant JSON serialization that our old file manager was using, and lets our new file manager work with IIIF instead of with our application's internals. We hope to be able to package this file manager for reuse in other IIIF-based applications.

Presentation type: 20 minute presentations (plus 5 mins questions)


  • Discovery of IIIF resources,
  • IIIF-compatible software and experimentation


  • discovery,
  • reuse,
  • architecture,
  • Samvera,
  • Valkyrie