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2018 Washington conference submission

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Delivering IIIF services at the Bodleian Libraries

Andrew Hankinson - University of Oxford (United Kingdom), Mel Mason - University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Abstract: Digital Bodleian, now in its third year of operation, is the library’s principle portal for delivering high-resolution images from our collections, and from the collections of our partner college libraries. In the past year we have been embarking on a refresh of our image delivery systems, with a focus on service stability, statistics and monitoring, and long-term digital preservation.
As part of this refresh we have relaunched our IIIF Presentation API delivery service, with several notable new features. These include: support for structural ranges in manifests, enhanced collections capabilities, and improved metadata delivery. The new manifest service supports IIIF v2.1 and a beta version of the v3.0 API, accessible using content negotiation, and an experimental implementation of the ActivityStreams specification for IIIF manifest discovery.
We will also present our work on the Oxford Common Filesystem Layout (OCFL) initiative, a community-driven specification for how to organize files and folders for institutional repositories. As part of our long-term goals we are seeking to develop a microservices-based architecture. The OCFL initiative, as a common specification, will allow us to build microservices on top of a known file-and-folder layout, providing, for example, pluggable IIIF image servers or PREMIS preservation auditing.
Both of these initiatives are part of “Digital Bodleian 2.0,” a project that will see a complete overhaul of all aspects of image delivery services, including our capture and digitisation facilities, long-term preservation systems, metadata management and curation tools, and public interfaces for search and discovery. This talk will introduce the key concepts behind Digital Bodleian 2.0, and what our users should expect to see in the future.

Presentation type: 20 minute presentations (plus 5 mins questions)


  • IIIF and archival collections,
  • Discovery of IIIF resources,
  • IIIF-compatible software and experimentation


  • IIIF,
  • prezi3,
  • activitystreams,
  • prezi2,
  • discovery,
  • systems,
  • infrastructure,
  • delivery