Popular IIIF Tools

These tools offer user interfaces for working with IIIF resources in various ways–such as creating exhibitions, annotating images, and more–and often only require a link to one or more IIIF Manifests to use (see our Guide to Finding IIIF resources for details).

If you find these helpful, you may also want to explore the IIIF Awesome list for even more links to tools, demos, tutorials, and other resources.

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  • Recogito - A popular and award-winning Digital Humanities platform for collaborative document annotation, maintained by Pelagios.
  • From the Page - FromThePage is software for transcribing documents and collaborating on transcriptions with others.
  • Digital Mappa - An open-source digital humanities platform for open-access workspaces, projects and publications.
  • Allmaps - Allmaps is a set of open source tools that make it easier and more fun to search, explore, georeference and work with collections of digitised maps.
  • Madoc - A flexible transcription and annotation platform for crowdsourcing, research or teaching with IIIF collections.

Exhibition and guided viewing

Tools and resources that provide functionality for presenting IIIF materials in an exhibition-like setting (and potentially other functionality).

  • Annona Range Storyboard - Annona toolkit which allows for the guided viewing of segments of a manifest, in addition to the Annona Multi Storyboard Viewer for guided comparison of multiple manifests.
  • Adno - Adno is a web application for viewing, editing and sharing narratives and journeys on online images, static images and IIIF images.
  • Curation Tools - Set of tools, including a Viewer, Curation Manager, Curation Board, and more from the Center for Open Data in the Humanities (all tool descriptions in Japanese, some also available in English).
  • Exhibit - A free IIIF storytelling tool that allows for guided navigation of one or more IIIF Manifests using annotations.
  • Micrio - High-performance client with WebAssembly/WebGL engine and additional storytelling elements. Also offering full server IIIF support.
  • MLOL Stories - A tool to promote the use of digital collections through innovative online narratives (in Italian).
  • Omeka-S plugins
  • Spotlight - a self-service approach for creating exhibit websites to highlight digital collections; based on Blacklight.
  • Storiiies Editor – a free online storytelling platform for creating guided tours of a single IIIF manifest using annotations.
  • StrollView - StrollView is a cross-institutional storytelling application.
  • Wax - a minimal computing project for producing digital exhibitions focused on longevity, low costs, and flexibility.
  • Juncture Digital - a free-to-use, open source framework for converting simple text files into an engaging visual essay incorporating IIIF materials and more.

Manifest generation and templates

  • biiif - A tool for organising your files according to a simple naming convention to generate IIIF v3 manifests. (See also: biiif Template Tool, which helps deploy tiled images and manifests to hosted services like Vercel and Netlify, no command line usage necessary)
  • Bodleian Manifest Editor - A Web application for importing, viewing, updating, and exporting manifests. [Note: currently only supports IIIF Presentation API 2.1]