Draft Image API v3.0 and Presentation API v3.0 Specifications Released for Review

  Simeon Warner    |      April 24, 2018

We are happy to announce the release of the alpha drafts of the Image API v3.0 and Presentation API v3.0 specifications.

The specifications will be reviewed in May at the 2018 IIIF Conference in Washington DC, with a view to moving them to beta status. This means we will enter a phase of implementation and testing to discover issues with the specifications that need to be addressed before the final releases. Additional editing for clarity will also occur during this time.

The change-logs will also be available by the 7th of May, and linked from the draft specifications.

At the conference there will be a session to walk through the draft specifications and ratify the move to beta status. We encourage feedback ahead of the conference via email to the IIIF-Discuss, or the creation of issues on GitHub.

Many thanks,

The IIIF Editors: Michael Appleby, Tom Crane, Robert Sanderson, Jon Stroop, Simeon Warner