Maps TSG Has Completed Its Work

  IIIF-C Staff    |      October 13, 2023

The final meeting for the IIIF Maps Technical Specification Group (TSG) took place October 04, 2023. Led by chairs Bryan Haberberger, Bert Spaan, Mike Appleby, and Eliot Jordan the group has completed all the work set out in its charter:

  • “Define an interoperable method to link IIIF content to a Geo Location for the purposes of presentation and/or navigation.” => Completed via the navPlace extension
  • “Create an extension which would allow the storage and presentation of Georeferencing information for a historical map.” => Completed via the Georeference extension

A final message from the group chairs:

Thank you for your vibrant support and enthusiasm which has been feeding a noticeable and noteworthy energy in IIIF Maps. Because of the work of peers in and around the IIIF Maps TSG, IIIF Maps Community Group, and other ‘Maps on the Web’ collaborative and enthusiastic groups the IIIF Maps TSG chairs have determined the goals of this TSG are achieved. Reactions to the IIIF Cookbook recipes and Guides, navPlace Extension, and Georeference Extension have resulted in a push for software to serve as implementations. We are proud to play a role in making the Web more understanding of humans’ place.

A few of the outputs of the TSG:

Adopted Extensions


Software & Implementations


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