IIIF Maps Technical Specification Group


IIIF has a technical focus on images, and the cultural heritage presence within has ensured digitized maps are represented. We recognize a growing need to describe data in the humanities with its spatial relevance to planet Earth, for which maps are the conduit interface. Geospatial description allows systems to portray data in a natural and understandable human context.

The IIIF Maps Technical Specification Group intends to promote interoperability around geospatial description of digitized resources and further support the Linked Data exchange of geospatial data on the Web. During efforts, this group expects to face wider geospatial issues around coordinate data and the entities it typifies.

We plan to accomplish this through combinations of the W3C Web Annotation framework, IIIF Extensions and established geospatially focused Web ontologies and semantics. IIIF Maps TSG welcomes contributions to their collection of user stories and prototypes.

The IIIF Maps TSG Charter provides a more detailed outline of anticipated work.



  • Michael Appleby - Yale University
  • Bryan Haberberger - Research Computing Group at Saint Louis University
  • Eliot Jordan - Princeton University
  • Bert Spaan - Freelance

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