IIIF Coordinating Committee

IIIF is a community-driven framework for digital resource interoperability that thrives on input, participation and contributions from a diverse range of individuals and institutions. The IIIF Consortium (IIIF-C) exists to support IIIF. Its functions are funding, managing staff, holding intellectual property, and executing contracts in addition to sustained community outreach and communications. IIIF-C members are both participants in IIIF and provide funding resources in the form of membership fees. IIIF-C itself is governed by the IIIF Executive Committee. Additional groups are needed to ensure that the IIIF community continues to move forward in a sustainable, community-driven, coordinated way.

To this end, the community created the IIIF Coordinating Committee, often referred to as “CoCo.”

CoCo is composed of both IIIF-C members and non-members to represent constituents throughout the community. The group is meant to be large enough to generate ideas and energy for building a strong corps of IIIF leaders spanning all sectors, allowing for continuity over time, and regularly cycling in new leaders to bring a diversity of perspectives. The Coordinating Committee actively and continuously engages in maintaining and supporting the inclusion of a wide variety of persons and institutions with varying backgrounds, each of whom/which share a devotion to the fundamental purposes of the International Image Interoperability Framework.

CoCo membership includes representatives from each Community Group (can be a group co-chair, but is not required), Technical Specification Group (TSG), the Editorial Committee, and IIIF-C staff.

The agenda for each meeting is compiled by the Managing Director and other IIIF-C staff, with support from the other committee members, based on issues raised in communication forums and topics related to:

  • Assessing proposals for new community and technical groups
  • Advising on strategic planning and communication across IIIF groups
  • Advising on strategies for diverse representation across the IIIF community
  • Discussing and advising on best practices for evolving communication
  • De-briefing on and assessing success of IIIF events, conferences and working meetings
  • Advising on location selection and timing of meetings
  • Ratify revisions to the Code of Conduct (as proposed by the Code of Conduct team)
  • Recommending policy additions or revisions where appropriate
  • Monitoring and supporting the health of community groups

The Managing Director and other IIIF-C staff will serve as liaisons to the Executive Committee.

CoCo meets monthly.

Current members

  • Michael Appleby, Yale University
  • Mike Bennett, DataCite
  • Dawn Childress, UCLA
  • Stefano Cossu, J. Paul Getty Trust
  • Tom Cramer, Stanford University
  • Tom Crane, Digirati
  • Arcadia Falcone, Stanford Universty
  • Josh Hadro, IIIF Consortium
  • Stace Maples, Stanford University
  • Meg O’Hearn, IIIF Consortium
  • Julien A. Raemy, University of Basel
  • Glen Robson, IIIF Consortium
  • Ed Silverton, Mnemoscene
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell University
  • Jeff Witt, Loyola University Maryland
  • Karina Wratschko, Philadelphia Museum of Art