IIIF Manuscripts Community Group


The IIIF Manuscripts Group formed following an IIIF meeting in Ghent, Belgium in December 2015. Attendees at the Ghent meeting agreed that there needed to be a separate IIIF interest group focused on the experience of users working with images of hand-written materials in particular.

The IIIF is a constantly expanding community; it covers a range of disciplines, institutions, research and national libraries, and non­profit image repositories. IIIF Manuscripts currently welcomes participation from all IIIF repositories with manuscript materials, scholars working with hand-written materials, and software developers interested in the particular problems presented by those materials.


The IIIF MSS Group seeks to advance aims of the IIIF­C, which are to reduce inefficiency and needless redundancy born from incompatibility in the current image delivery ecosystem. The group is committed to furthering the goals of the IIIF, as well as its own specific goals:

  • To keep interested institutions and projects up to date on advances in the IIIF initiative as they affect users of digitized manuscripts
  • To provide feedback to the IIIF community on repository and user experience from the perspective of manuscript curators and scholars
  • To devise, organize, and promote noteworthy scholarship based on interoperable digitized manuscript data.



  • Benjamin Albritton (Stanford University)
  • Rachel Di Cresce (University of Toronto)
  • Jeffrey Witt (Loyola University Maryland)

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