New 3D Technical Specification Group

  IIIF consortium staff    |      January 11, 2022

New IIIF 3D Technical Specification Group

A new 3D Technical Specification Group (TSG) was formally approved at the most recent meeting of the Technical Review Committee (see: This follows more than a year of additional meetings, presentations and discussions, and preparations made by members of the 3D Community Group. With many thanks for all the constructive deliberation and collaboration which has made this possible, the 3D Community Group chairs (Ronald Haynes, Julie WInchester, Ed Silverton) are now looking forward to the further adventures together in carrying out the work of the new TSG. There is also an open invitation for any and all to join us, learn and share more, and if interested get involved in the practical tasks ahead.

In brief, the 3D Technical Specification Group will collaboratively clarify and specify common interoperable frameworks pertaining to the 3D data domain. This will include ways to:

  • Annotate 3D media of various types into a shared canvas space
  • Annotate 3D media with commentary
  • Combine 3D media with images and AV content within a shared space
  • Specify the presentation (placement, orientation, and contextualization) of 3D media

More details on scope and timeline are available in the 3D group charter. The inclusion of 3D media is poised to be the next major update to the IIIF presentation API specification, which debuted its last major release in June of 2020 to support audio and video presentation and annotation capabilities.

The next meeting is 1st February, with regular meetings on the first Tuesday of the month, at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm UK / 5pm CET (please check the community calendar for details). Please join us then, or at the next 3D Community Group call (27th January – 12noon ET / 5pm UK, details also on the community calendar).